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Students’ projects will be judged based on all the following criteria listed below to determine the finalists to enter Autodesk Panorama 2012!

  • Holistic approach to concept through to finalization
  • Originality
  • Innovation
  • Design feasibility
  • Use of Autodesk software such as Revit Architecture software
  • Use of Sustainable Design Concepts:

    Bring sustainable design thinking into your Futuristic Urban Architectural icon. You will need to demonstrate how you’ve integrated green building principles such as reducing energy loads, passive design strategies, lighting and daylighting, and efficient HVAC design into your project. Visit the Autodesk Sustainability Workshop to learn how to use these strategies, then tell us how you’ve reduced the project’s energy use and made the building more energy efficient.

    Submit short responses to the following questions, along with any supporting design files or documentation.

    Design Process – 100 words max

    • Describe if and how you set goals around sustainable design criteria. What was most important? How did you structure your team and your work to meet these goals?

    Use of Sustainable Design Strategies – 500 words max

Sustainable design concepts for your reference:

  • Reducing Energy Loads: Reducing the amount of energy your building needs.
  • Passive Heating, Cooling and Ventilation: Ensuring your building uses the right blend of passive and active design strategies to minimize energy, materials, water, and land use.
  • Lighting and Daylighting Design: Factoring in ways to use sunlight to illuminate your building as a way to both decrease your building’s energy use and make it more enjoyable for people.
  • Efficient HVAC Design: Making sure you’re keeping HVAC energy use low but keeping the inhabitants comfortable.