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Students’ projects will be judged based on all the following criteria listed below to determine the finalists to enter Autodesk Panorama 2012! 

  • Overall Design
  • Creative Ability
  • Innovation
  • Design Methods
  • Use of Autodesk software such as Inventor software
  • Use of sustainable design concepts:

    Bring sustainable design thinking into your innovative product design. You will need to demonstrate how you’ve improved your product’s life and/or end-of-life by incorporating product lifetime strategies such as design for disassembly, repair, upgrade, recycling and durability. Visit the Autodesk Sustainability Workshop to learn how to use these strategies, then tell us how your product is enhanced and how its environmental impact and end-of-life is improved as a result.

    Submit short responses to the following questions, along with any supporting design files or documentation.

    Design Process – 100 words max

    • Describe if and how you set goals around sustainable design criteria. What was most important? How did you structure your team and your work to meet these goals?

    Use of Sustainable Design Strategies – 500 words max

Sustainable design concepts reference:

  • Whole Systems and Lifecycle Thinking: Looking at the big picture to understand how products or buildings are made, used and disposed of so these considerations are included from the start.
  • Green Materials Selection: Ensuring your using the most sustainable materials.
  • Materials Use/Lightweighting: Factoring in the types of materials you’re using, the manufacturing processes required for your design, and the geometry of your design to minimize material use.
  • Energy Efficient Design: Ensuring the design addresses optimal energy efficiency.
  • Design for Durability: Ensuring your device will not break prematurely.
  • Design for Maintenance, Repair, or Upgrade: Ensuring your device can be serviced and kept in good working order.
  • Design for Recyclability: Ensuring your device can be properly recycled or disposed of at the end of its life.